Complete Interactive Technologies Inc. Provides Remote Performance Management Solutions

Clinton Township – February 24, 2016 – Complete Interactive Technologies Inc., an industry leader in unified communications, announced today that the company is providing its customers with Remote Performance Management Solutions. This technology offers a cost-effective remote monitoring and management capability to diagnose underlying network problems, assess network readiness and monitor application performance. This advancement is allowing businesses to capitalize on powerful applications such as VoIP, video, SaaS/ cloud services, disaster recovery and desktop virtualization.

Gartner analysts caution that “75 percent of enterprises that do not perform a pre-implementation analysis of their IP network infrastructure will not achieve a successful VoIP implementation.” Transitioning physically separate voice and data networks onto a single shared infrastructure without compromising the quality of either voice traffic or data traffic will require new practices and procedures. Remote Performance Management Solutions play a central role in successful network assessment.

“The cloud is growing and as a result businesses are becoming increasingly dependent on cloud-based technologies to run their businesses,” commented Michael D. Meldrum, CEO of Complete Interactive Technologies Inc.. “One example revolves around VoIP technology. Many business owners are attracted to VoIP because of its cost savings and applications that drive employee productivity; however some business owners hesitate because they are concerned about sacrificing call quality. This often occurs when companies conduct business with a technology provider that does not have the proper technical expertise or the tools to successfully deploy IP based solutions. Leveraging advanced Remote Performance Management Software pinpoint network drains, all the way down to the appliance. The tool provides valuable insight that can determine which appliance such as a PC within an organization is sucking up bandwidth causing poor voice or video quality.”

In order to keep up with the rapid pace of technology, data networks will need to become much stronger, faster, flexible and transparent. The success of a business’s operations will be strongly correlated to network performance and Remote Performance Management Solutions allow businesses to diagnose network issues and resolve problems immediately. Data networks are the lifeblood of business operations and companies like Complete Interactive Technologies Inc. are proactively protecting their customers, increasing their profitability and providing them with a competitive advantage.

About Complete Interactive Technologies Inc.

Founded in 1987, Complete Interactive Technologies Inc. (CIT) is a recognized leader in the communications arena, providing full service tailor-made solutions to its customers throughout Michigan. CIT is unique, in the fact that they offer their customers a single source/ one-stop shop capability for all their communications needs. Fundamental to the company’s success is its ability to implement projects and maintenance solutions that consistently exceed customer expectations. As a result, approximately 80% of CIT’s new business is generated via referrals.

The CIT Team is committed to delivering complete customer satisfaction. Project Managers are empowered to make on-site decisions in response to client requirements, ensuring quick issue resolution. Dedicated project foreman coordinate all activities of the installers and technicians. CIT employees have the breadth and depth to manage any project – given their overall technical expertise and extensive on the job experience. Bottom line, the CIT Team helps its customers leverage their existing communications infrastructure, while helping them migrate to internationally based standards for all connectivity projects.

For More Information on CIT, Call 586-439-2000 or visit www.cit-

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