CIT Announces New CyberSecurity Offering

CIT brings enterprise level cybersecurity protection to small and mid-size businesses

June 27, 2018, Clinton Township, MI, Complete Interactive Technologies, Inc. (CIT) a leading IT Managed Services provider offering business security solutions, network infrastructure, cloud migrations, mobility, business phone systems, and AV solutions  to small and mid-size businesses today announced it is offering state-of-the-art cybersecurity software, techniques and tools to protect its customers and local businesses from cyber-attacks.

Small businesses have disproportionately been the victim of cybersecurity attacks. A study conducted last year by Verizon indicates that 58% of malware attack victims are small businesses. The percentage of small businesses experiencing a cyber attack in the past 12 months has also increased for the second straight year and reaching 61% in 2017, according to a report on SMB cyber security by the Ponemon Institute.

Black hat hackers see small and mid-size businesses as easy targets due to a lack of cybersecurity investment. While small businesses may not offer the same valuable data cache of larger enterprises, their business data is still very valuable. Criminals seek employee and customer information that can be used for subsequent identity theft.  

Cyber criminals attack small business using phishing, mobile apps, and malvertising. Phishing uses fake links to get users to provide sensitive information, by posing as an authority. Hackers embed malicious links into emails, attachments or images usually leading to page requesting the input of sensitive information. Hackers are actively attacking mobile devices through third party apps, malware and unsecured WiFi.  Malvertising, fake ads directing victims to malicious ecommerce sites or downloads also continue to be a favorite of cyber criminals. 

In response to the increase in cyber crime CIT, Southeast Michigan’s premier provider of business security solutions, has increased its arsenal of cybersecurity solutions. “These threats all point to the importance of SMBs consulting with an expert in cyber security,” stated Michael D. Meldrum, CEO at CIT. “We are well-equipped to deal with threats like these, in addition to the new threats that will undoubtedly arise in the coming years. Any small business leveraging technology as one of its key productivity drivers needs a team like CIT to face-off with the hackers of the world.”

About Complete Interactive Technologies, Inc.:

CIT is an IT managed services provider offering structured cabling, network infrastructure, cloud migrations, mobility, business phone systems, and business security systems to mid-size and small businesses. CIT will keep your business premises, network, communications, and IT systems secure, optimized and available. We’re big enough to offer the technology and services you need, while acting small providing local implementation and ongoing support. Learn more at or contact us at 586-439-2000.


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  1. Separate recovery keys are difficult to manage over an entire network. For example, if you have a hundred computer systems with encryption software, there will be a hundred different sets of recovery keys. If the systems in question are Macs, then Apple will save those keys but you will need to choose three separate security questions and answers.

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