Video Surveillance Systems – Do small businesses need them?

Why do small businesses need video surveillance systems? The price of video surveillance systems has steadily dropped over the last several years. Most small businesses can now afford it, but does you really need it? This article explores the benefits of a small business security system. First, let’s get some old ideas out of everyone’s [...]

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Five Key VoIP Call Quality Issues

Five Key VoIP Call Quality Issues Many companies experience poor call quality due to five key VoIP issues. If these issues are not addressed they will frustrate everyone associated with the phone system. The following is an overview of these five issues and the steps SMB can take to fix them quickly and easily. 1) [...]

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Harnessing the Power of Gigabit Networks

Harnessing the Power of Gigabit Networks Gigabit Networks perform at 1000 Mbps (Megabits/Second) and are set to become the new standard for connectivity. In simple terms, Gigabit Networks increase a business’ ability to access important files, data, applications or services which require high-bandwidth connectivity, like streaming to devices without interference or latency. As more businesses [...]

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Cloud Voice Technology Purchase Considerations

Cloud Voice Technology Purchase Considerations Migrating to cloud voice technology can either be the best decision your business makes or the worst. Most companies are drawn to the cloud because they can immediately slash expenses and expand functionality. Business owners need to be aware there are two distinct ways of purchasing cloud voice technology. Flashy [...]

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Clinton Township Security Camera Program

EntirelyBiz Announces Clinton Township Business Security Camera Program Making it affordable to achieve compliance with the new city ordinance requiring business security cameras March 30, 2017, Clinton Township, MI, EntirelyBiz a leading provider of business security systems in Clinton Township, Michigan today announced a new business security camera program to help businesses achieve compliance with [...]

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EntirelyBiz Announces Toshiba TSD Upgrade Program

EntirelyBiz Announces Toshiba TSD Upgrade Program Save up to 50% on Cloud and On-Premises Business Phone Systems Upgrades March 24, 2017, Clinton Township, MI, EntirelyBiz a provider of cloud and on-premises business phone systems, today announced an upgrade program for Toshiba TSD customers. This announcement comes on the heels of Toshiba announcing it would be [...]

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Cat-6a Network Cabling: Should I Be Upgrading?

Cat-6a Network Cabling: Should I Be Upgrading? Does the availability of Cat-6a signal it's time to upgrade your small business network cabling? If everything is working well and you're not experiencing any bandwidth limitations, interference problems, or adding new network hardware then the answer is probably no. But if you're needing extra bandwidth, are seeing [...]

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Small Business IT Trends: Top 5 for 2017

Small Business IT Trends: Top 5 for 2017 The core nature of what drives a small business is changing and it's driven by technology, so we decided to take a look at the small business IT trends driving the change in 2017. The following are the top 5 small business IT trends we're seeing everywhere. [...]

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School security cameras simply make sense

School security cameras simply make sense From Columbine to Sandy Hook to Virginia Tech, the last decade has brought us story after story of violence at our educational institutions. How can you expect teachers to teach effectively and students to learn if they don’t feel safe? In 2014, there were about 486,400 nonfatal violent victimizations at [...]

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Ascension Health Awards Business to CIT

Ascension Health Awards Business to CIT November 7, 2016, Clinton Township, MI, Complete Interactive Technologies, Inc. a leading provider of IT managed services,structured cabling, network infrastructure, cloud migrations, mobility, business phone systems, and business security systems to mid-size and small businesses, announced it was awarded a General Purchase Order (GPO) from Ascension. Ascension is a [...]

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